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Footprints Theatre Company


Theatre with a difference. Theatre that goes everywhere, anywhere and is for anyone.

Art Forms:

Footprints believe that ‘Any Place is a Stage’, whether it is a field, woodland, church, historical building, Town Centre or market stall.

As a site-specific theatre company, we create exciting original performances, animating spaces and breaking barriers between audience, performer and space.

Our work re-contextualizes the performance space and builds new meanings for its audience by tantalizing their senses and deceiving perspectives. 

The audience are drawn into a unique experience in a gentle way by the actors and they are encouraged to respond, reflect and react to the world of the performance.


Footprints Theatre Company draws it’s audience into an exciting immersive experience by tantalizing audience’ senses and challenging their perspectives.  Our work re-contextualises the performance space and builds new meanings for those involved in the experience. 

The work of Footprints brings people together in spaces, re-imagines and animates them through site-specific theatrical techniques.

“Not ‘Grand Theatre’ but full of poetry, music and memories….by the end of the promenade performance it felt like you were part of the space, and that your memories joined those of the walls. Ian Parker. Audience member of Uninhabited. 

Our work has included:

Full  length new work written specifically for location and community. 

Shorter performance interventions for any place.

 Educational workshops.


We are based in Essex, but take work in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire as well as our home area.


The artistic director and founder of the company has:

  • Bachelor of Education Honours 
  • Master of Arts in Applied Theatre. 
  • UKA Associate of Dance.


People who have experienced our performances have gone away animated and repeatedly tell us they cannot stop thinking about their experience. We have had a lot of exciting feedback and results from previous performance work such as Ring Tones, Cycle and Seek, Colchester Curiosities, and Uninhabited. The work captivates particularly non- traditional audiences because of their connections to the local space.

Groups worked with: Arts Essex, Artside in Southend, Colchester Borough Council, Chelmsford City Council.

Contact details:

Artistic Director: Miss Paula Baker

Tel: 07522576140

[email protected]



Footprints Theatre Company

Footprints Theatre Company

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